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Are you looking for beautiful handcrafted daily-use objects or furniture? Then Mjölk might be the place for you. This on-line store aims to reflect the aesthetics from the North and brings together pieces by Scandinavian and Japanese designers, all carefully hand picked by the owners John Baker and Juli Daoust. Take a look at our picks below!




Based in Barcelona, 40plumas is a design studio or, using their own words, an artistic workshop, that gathers four very creative experts in glass techniques. Their work varies from beautiful art objects to decorative pieces or objects for the daily use. You can find more about them and their work here and by looking at the gallery below. Enjoy!


The intention for this experimental project was to create ” a domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design solutions to energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting and human waste.” The idea behind it is great and we salute any kind of idea that focuses on reducing the impact of our way of living on the Earth. It also looks great. What do you think?

(Phothos via here)

Check out these lights designed by studio DUA and German graphic designer Raffael Stüken. They look like they are made from paper but they are actually made using concrete! The design takes advantage of the property that the concrete has to precisely display the surface of the utilized formwork. Interesting idea, beautiful executed. Take a look at the gallery below

photos via here.